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Card-Making Supply Pack

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Card-Making Supply Pack

The $16.95 retail price of this Card-Making Supply Pack saves you 8% off the cost of these items, if the items were bought separately.

Buy a SoulCollage® supply pack for yourself or for each participant in your workshop. Each Pack comes in its own packaging and contains:

o   Card Pack - 12 / 8" x 5" quality blank mat board cards

o   24-pack of Clear Card Sleeves

o   Pioneer Glue Stick

o   FREE SoulCollage® logo pen. (See item: 10-pack SoulCollage® Pens)

o   FREE SoulCollage® mini-frame. (Note: this frame has smaller outside dimensions than the SoulCollage® Card Frame.)



NOTE: This product comes in a shrinkwrap package. Because it is an odd-shaped package, the shrinkwrapping is vulnerable to occasional tears during shipping. We will try to package it carefully, but cannot guarantee the condition of the outer shrinkwrapping. Please contact us for replacement only if the actual contents inside the package are damaged. Also, the mini-frame is designed primarily as a protective backing for the other contents, and may occasionally become slightly warped or have small dings on one or more corners.



Price: $16.95
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