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Working with the Shadow in SoulCollage® CD

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Working with the Shadow in SoulCollage® CD


Working with the Shadow in SoulCollage® is CD #6 in Your SoulCollage® Cards series

The Shadow (a term from Jungian psychology) is a concept that is referred to often in SoulCollage® work. It has to do with balance. Any form whether visible or invisible has the potential to lose its balance, to show its Shadow. When a form's energy becomes exaggerated or too much, we say it is manifesting Shadow. On the other hand, when a form's energy is absent when needed, this is also Shadow. W are trying to come to balance with any particular quality or part of us, finding that place where there is not too much or too little of a quality. All the cards except the Transpersonals have the potential for Shadow, and manifested Shadows will have different degrees of density. 

The developer of SoulCollage®, Seena Frost, gives examples to help in recognizing Shadow, and to guide in the constant work of rebalancing shadowed Committee, Community, Companion, and Council cards in your SoulCollage® deck.


1) Overview of SoulCollage®  7:56
2) Working with the Shadow in SoulCollage®  47:48

Produced by Stephen Michael for SROlive.com

NOTE: When this CD is loaded into iTunes, iTunes may say that this is the Council Suit CD, however this is not the case. If you already have the Council Suit in iTunes, please change the name from Council to Council1 for that CD. Then load in the Shadow CD, which will appear as the Council CD in iTunes. Then you can change the name from Council to Shadow in iTunes.

Price: $14.95